About InsightFull Financials

I’m Valerie Mondesir, CPA.

Owner of InsightFull Financials.

My Team and I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

About Me

My accounting & finance journey started over 16 years ago; over time, I gained exposure and sharpened my advisory skills in various industries and levels of positions, from accounting clerk to financial leadership. I started InisightFull Financials over five years ago and developed a passion for retail & e-commerce four years ago.

About You

Through trial and error, you’ve grown your e-commerce or retail brand from small beginnings. You and your team are now approaching critical mass and you are looking to optimize and scale to the next phase. You KNOW you’ve got what it takes to be the next big brand in your space but you just need the right financial partner to help you get there.

How We Can Help You Scale Your Business


Profitability Management & Forecasting

We work closely with all areas of your business to optimize expenses and maintain profit margins.


Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

We assist with managing and forecasting accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.


Inventory Management & COGS Analysis

We work with your operations to control inventory costs and reduce stock-outs and obsolete inventory.


Multi-Channel Sales Reporting & Reconciliation

We dig deep into all sales channels to provide SKU-level detail to guide future sales & marketing efforts.


Monthly Financial Reporting

We provide accurate and relevant financial reports by the 15th of each month.


Fractional CFO Services

We work with you to create models and long-term financial strategies to achieve your business goals.


Sales Tax Support

We assist you with calculating, reconciling, and remitting sales taxes to all 50 states.


Tax Planning & Filing

We work with you to optimize your revenue while also minimizing your expenses and your tax liability.

If you’re ready to grow a financially sustainable

e-commerce or retail brand, let’s talk!

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